Woman breaks knee after bollard trip

bollard danger
bollard danger

AN ‘accident waiting to happen’ has happened after a care-worker in Bearsden tripped over a bollard stump and broke her left knee.

It is believed vandals set fire to the plastic structure about a year ago outside the shops at Kessington on Milngavie Road and on Saturday night Judy Morgan fell over it.

Mrs Morgan (39), said: “It was about 7.30pm and getting dark, so I didn’t see it. I tripped and snapped the bone. As soon as I landed I knew something was up. Now I can’t put any weight on it and will be in plaster for probably six weeks.”

The mother of two teenage boys from Kirkintilloch had to call her husband to take her to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and now plans to put a claim in for compensation with the council.

She added: “It could have been so much worse. When I fell I went right into the road. I’m just lucky no cars were passing at the time.”

According to a passer-by who helped her, East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) has known about the danger for some time.

Peter Ogg, from Bearsden, said: “People exiting one of the shops kept tripping over it and the owner asked me to phone the council on his behalf, as he is foreign and not confident of his English.

“I phoned and they told me they would inspect it. Meantime we put a roadworks cone over it. This was intended as a temporary measure until the council came to fix it.

“Unfortunately the cones kept getting removed, and people continued to trip over it. After an elderly lady fell and received a nasty head injury I again phoned the council to tell them that this had happened.

“More recently with the roadworks on Milngavie Road, there has been a steady supply of cones, and it was possible to replace the cone as soon as it disappeared.

“However a fortnight ago the cone disappeared again, and with the roadworks now further along the road, no one got round to covering the hazard.”

Keith Scrimgeour, roads and neighbourhood services manager at EDC, said: “We will look into this matter and ensure that any necessary remedial action is taken as quickly as possible.

“Although we inspect our roads regularly there may be delays between defects occurring and our inspectors identifying them. We would encourage members of the public to report defects by calling 0300 123 4510 as soon as they spot them.”