Wheelie causes house blaze

A LARGE house in an up-market area of Bearsden suffered massive fire damage after a wheelie bin caught light and flames spread through an open kitchen window.

Two occupants in the property in Camstradden Drive West were given a precautionary check up after they were alerted by a smoke detector and called for help at 8.17pm last Thursday.

Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus fought the fire as it took hold on the timber frame and spread inside the house.

Steven Harper, station commander from Milngavie Fire Station, said: “There was quite a bit of smoke damage to the kitchen and we had to use two hosereel jets. It was a big house, probably worth a million pounds and this was a fairly significant fire.”


The cause of the blaze is under investigation and the CID have spoken to the householders, although Mr Harper stressed that this was normal procedure with a fire of this size.

Mr Harper, who attended the incident, urged people to contact them for a free home safety visit.

He said: “We want people to be alert to the dangers and urge people to contact the station on 956 2223 to arrange for us to come out and offer what could be life-saving advice on fire prevention.”