Westerton is blighted with dog poo problem

INCONSIDERATE dog walkers not cleaning up after their pets mess have been slammed by a community group who claim the problem is worse than ever now.

The ongoing problem around Westerton Station, Bearsden, which has been highlighted by the Herald recently, is now - according to Murray Horne, chairman of Bearsden West Community Council - a problem that extends all the way along Almond Road and North View.

He blasted: “Some people just don’t care.

“ It has been a problem for quite some time now, but in the last couple of months it has got a lot worse.”

The issue was raised at the community council’s last meeting and East Dunbartonshire Council is also aware of the problem.

Mr Horne added: “The environmental wardens do their best, but at the end of the day it is down to people being more considerate and picking up their dog’s mess.

“The area is used by people from other areas as well and we would urge everyone to clean up after their pets.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of housing and community services, Kenny Simpson, said: “The environmental wardens have received complaints about the dog mess in this part of Westerton and have been patrolling the area regularly.

“Signage and bins have been erected in and around the lanes and the environmental wardens will continue their patrols.

“We do not know whether the offenders live within the area, but fixed penalty notices will be issued to anyone caught failing to clear up after their dogs, whether or not they are local residents.”