Westerton Boys help the Great Gala Bake Off 2013 get off to a great start

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A new baking competition at Westerton Gala drew impressive entries into all 12 categories.

Expert judges were Mhairi Rushforth of the Butterfly Bakery and Café and experienced baking lecturer Mr David Paton. Deserving winners won a voucher for Mhairi’s café by Hillfoot Station in Bearsden.

Many bakers kindly donated their entries to help raise around £60 for the Fairlie Memorial Church Womens Guild in Westerton.

Emma Sheppard from the Bake off Team said: “Our judges were especially impressed by the quality of entries. Mr Paton was heartened by the number of primary age boys winning certificates. Thank you to all those involved, especially Westerton Bowling Club for hosting the event.”

Winners in the primary and younger age group were:

E Feerick (tray bake)

A Johnson (Victoria Sponge)

T McEwan (chocolate cake)

J Wilson (cupcakes)

R Dale (bread product)

Secondary age group

H Langdon (tray bake)

M Ferguson (Victoria Sponge)

B Keller (cupcakes)

N Simpson (bread product)


D Coupar (tray bake)

S Frossman (Victoria Sponge)

N Hetherington (cupcakes)

K Sowerby (bread product)

For more information go to www.westertonvillage.org.uk