WAITROSE has been welcomed to Milngavie - but people have big reservations about traffic problems.

The up-market food retailer wants to create a new store on one of West of Scotland’s pitches next to Glasgow Road - just off the Burnbrae roundabout.

A public consultation on the plans has been launched - and already more than 400 responses have been received.


They show that, so far, 83 per cent of respondents are positive or very positive about the proposals, 78 per cent think that there is a need for a new, high-quality supermarket in Milngavie and 57 per cent think there is a need for new jobs in the area.

Concerns have been raised, though, about traffic congestion and access to the site from the existing roundabout.

Some have also asked about the potential impact of another supermarket on the town centre shops in Milngavie.

The feedback follows a door-to-door delivery of information leaflets to 18,000 households in Milngavie, Bearsden and Strathblane giving people the opportunity to comment on the proposed development.

Hundreds more submissions are expected following public exhibitions which took place this week.

A Waitrose spokeswoman said: “A full traffic assessment is being prepared and the developers, Town Centre Securities, will work closely with the council to address these issues.

“Waitrose, which is primarily a food shop, draws shoppers from a much wider area than other supermarkets so they expect to draw into the area new shoppers and trade, benefiting the town centre as well.

“A full retail assessment report has been commissioned and will be submitted with the planning application.”

The proposal would see a new Waitrose store built during 2013 and open for business in 2014.

West are fully behind the plan as they say it will provide them with sufficient funding to secure the club’s future - and, as part of the deal, they have been promised a new all-weather pitch.

The new store is also expected to create around 180 long-term jobs.

People can view plans at www.waitrosemilngavie.com and fill in a feedback form online.