We need your help to unlock the mystery of these old photos

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These old pictures were discovered in Milngavie Post Office during its recent refurbishment - and we need your help to unlock their mystery.

They were left at the post office several years ago - and no-one has since claimed them.

From writing on the back of them, it seems that some were taken in Lossiemouth in 1944,

Some of them have a message for someone called George, who is referred to as “the wee Scot” on one of them.

They look to have been sent to a former work or services colleague.

The picture below is marked “Boxing Day - Lossiemouth 1944”.

Above right shows “the St Margaret’s Fellowship including ‘the Bunnet’ Christmas party, Lossiemouth 1944.”

Fiona Thomson from Milngavie Post Office said “We were tidying up the office and we discovered the pictures.

“I believe they were left a few years ago and at the time they were put on display, hoping that whoever lost them would come back.”

Do you know who George is?

Can you shed any light on the pictures and perhaps help return them to their owner?

E-mail us at mbherald@jnscotland.co.uk