Ashay Ghai at Milngavie police station
Ashay Ghai at Milngavie police station

POLICING in Milngavie and Bearsden will be seriously affected if plans to abolish local forces go through, it has been claimed.

The Scottish Government wants to create a national force and get rid of Scotland’s eight regional services.

However, Bearsen LibDem councillor Ashay Ghai says this will have “serious ramifications”.

Under the proposals, Strathclyde Police will be abolished, as will the local police board which holds it to account.

Currently, East Dunbartonshire has two seats on the board - but a national force will be overseen by a single board containing 11 places appointed by the government - making it extremely unlikely there will be any local representation.


At a recent meeting of East Dunbartonshire Council’s policy and resources committee, Councillor Ghai argued that the authority should reaffirm its opposition to the reforms when responding to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a single Scottish police force.

He said: “These flawed plans will only erode local accountability and community decision making. They are opposed by local elected representatives, community groups and the vast majority of Scotland’s senior police officers. East Dunbartonshire Council has already stated that a business case for these reforms has not been proven, with little evidence to suggest that a single national police force will save money.

“It will destroy local accountability yet the Scottish Government is rushing towards a simplistic reform of our police despite overwhelming opposition.”

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