Water relief - mains repairs finished in Bearsden

MAJOR water works in Bearsden have been completed - “securing” supply to hundreds of homes.

About 250 metres of existing concrete mains have been replaced with new, plastic mains in the Allander Road area.

More than 600 Scottish Water customers are set to benefit.

The work, which started in September, was carried out in Allander Road from near its junction with Spey Road to near its junction with Deveron Road. Work was also carried out in a lane in North View.

Scottish Water completed the £30,000 project in advance of planned road resurfacing work by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Mark Maclaren, Scottish Water’s regional community manager, said: “Scottish Water is delighted to have completed this important investment in our infrastructure in Bearsden.

“Scottish Water is committed to improving our services to all of our customers and this improvement work on our water mains in the Allander Road area is benefiting about 200 properties.

“By replacing the mains with new plastic pipes, we have reduced the risk of burst pipes – which can cause loss of supply and leakage of water – and this will help ensure we continue to provide clear, fresh drinking water to our customers in the area 24/7.”

Some households in the area might have experienced some disruption to their normal water supply during the work but they were given advance notice of this.

There was some traffic management required in the area, with temporary traffic lights on Allander Road during the construction period.

Mr Maclaren added: “We made every effort to minimise any inconvenience to customers and road-users in the area and would like to thank them in for their patience and co-operation.

“The long-term benefits of these improvements to our infrastructure in the area will far out-weigh any short-term inconvenience they mioght have experienced.”