Watch out - there are thieves about at Mugdock Country Park

CAR owners are being warned to be vigilant when they visit Mugdock Country Park after a theft from a car last Saturday afternoon.

Police are reminding motorists to remove all valuables from their vehicle when they leave it to go for a walk following a theft from a car at South Lodge Car Park.

David McNally from Central Scotland’s Balfron police office, said: “Despite being a rural area, the proximity of Mugdock Country Park to the northern suburbs of Glasgow make it an attractive target for thieves.

“By simply removing handbags, wallets and other items from your car before leaving it, you will prevent yourself becoming a victim of crime.

“If you intend to hide valuable items within the boot of your car, please do so before you arrive at the park as there have been incidences in the past where people have been seen placing items in the boot of their vehicle only to find it has been broken into when they return.

“Central Scotland police, Strathclyde police and Mugdock Country Park Rangers patrol the car parks on a daily basis. Help us to reduce crime in this area by taking proper care of your property.”