Watch our video of cute tortoises enjoying some lettuce

While cats and rabbits are always popular family pets, a local business reckons customers are in the market for something more exotic.

Creature Comforts, in Milngavie, currently has two mediterranean tortoises for sale - along with all the equipment you need to look after them properly.

Creature Comforts, Milngavie.'Hermann's tortoises.

Creature Comforts, Milngavie.'Hermann's tortoises.

These Hermann’s tortoises are only two years old at the moment but they could live to a grand old age of 100.

Craig Gordon, assistant manager, said: “Our more unusual pets are popular but we remind people that they need proper care and they can live for a long time.

“The tortoises will be fully grown by the time they reach about 12/13 years but they could live much longer than that so you need to be prepared for that.”

Check out our video above to see the curious creatures in action!