Warning to pet owners after vicious dog attack in Bearsden

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A Bearsden woman is warning dog owners to beware after her pet was seriously injured in a vicious attack.

The lady was walking her dog at Cairnhill Woods in Westerton, Bearsden around 2pm on Thursday April 11 when it was set upon by what has been described as a Pit Bull type dog and another white dog.

The two dogs were off the lead and with two young boys and a local resident posted on social media this was the second time an incident like this had happened.

While the owner of the injured dog posted on a public Facebook site: “My dog was attacked in Cairnhill Woods. His ear was badly torn and had to be stapled by the vet.

“His other wounds were less serious but he is on antibiotics to prevent infection and has to go back to the vet.

“He is very subdued and despondent and it will take time for him to get over this vicious attack.”

She added: “I reported the incident to the community safety officer at East Dunbartonshire Council.”

Another resident posted: “Puts me off going back to the woods with our lab puppy. My husband saw the boys a few weeks ago with the dog and said it was running wild and out of control...He spoke to the boys and advised it should be on a lead”.

Other dog lovers called for action to be taken against the “idiot” owners.

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive - Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets at East Dunbartonshire council, said: “We are aware of this distressing incident and are liaising with the complainer and Police Scotland.

“Enquiries are ongoing, but as this is potentially a criminal investigation we are unable to comment further at this stage.”