Warning over scam calls from Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau
Citizens Advice Bureau

Residents have been warned to be on their guard after reports of potential fraudsters claiming to be from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The alarm was raised today (Wednesday, February 10) after a Kirkintilloch resident received an unsolicited phone call from somebody claiming to be a bureau employee.

Wisely the person didn’t hand over any information but decided to get in touch with the Kirkintilloch bureau, based at Alexandra Street, directly.

Anne Burke, service manager at the Kirkintilloch branch of the Citizens Advice Bureau, explained: “We have been advised from a member of the public that they have received a phone call from a mobile number stating it was someone from the bureau asking about their debt issues and if they required any help with the issue.

“The bureau would at no time contact members of the public to gather information.”

If you are looking for advice on debt management, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau on 0141 775 3220.