Warning after purse thefts in Milngavie charity shops

Purse thefts in Milngavie
Purse thefts in Milngavie

The police are warning members of the public to be on their guard after a spate of thefts from people’s handbags in Milngavie precinct.

Two elderly women’s purses were stolen from their bags without them noticing while they were browsing in charity shops on Main Street on Tuesday, June 6.

Constable Heather Dixon, community officer for Milngavie, said: I believe that the person or persons responsible are ‘blending in’ with shoppers and they don’t look like someone that the public would necessarily be suspicious of.

“Staff in charity shops have been advised to be extra vigilant and I will give extra attention to that area.

“I’m also studying external CCTV footage and East Dunbartonshire Council are going to fit extra CCTV in the area of Main Street.

“In the meantime I would advise people to make sure their purse is in a bag which can be fastened and to keep the bag where they can see it at all times.”