Waitrose responses flood in

FEEDBACK forms about the Waitrose proposal continue to flood in - and an initial analysis of 840 responses has revealed that 73 per cent of local people support the new store at Burnbrae rugby pitch.

Nearly 200 people attended the exhibition at Milngavie town hall last week to comment on the proposals.

Hundreds more forms were posted following a door-to-door leaflet drop to 18,000 households in the area.

Sixty nine per cent agreed that there is a need for a new, high-quality supermarket in Milngavie and 63 per cent were pleased with the initial design concepts shown for the store.

Waitrose spokesman Martin Gorman said: “We are delighted to have received so many positive comments about our proposals.

“We do take the concerns that people have also expressed most seriously.

“We will work closely with the council to ensure that the issues relating to traffic and the roundabout are addressed – it’s in our interest that this works for everyone.”

If the proposal gets the go-ahead from East Dunbartonshire Council, the store would be built in 2013 and open in 2014.

It would be sited on one of West of Scotland’s pitches next to Glasgow Road and accessed from the Burnbrae Roundabout.

West, who are backing the plan, will gain a new all-weather pitch. Waitrose say 180 jobs will be created.

The deadline for feedback by post or e-mail is tomorrow (Friday) - the address is on the project website at www.waitrosemilngavie.co.uk