Villagers urged to be prepared for winter

STRILING Council has urged locals to roll up their sleeves ahead of the winter season.

Councillor Johanna Boyd is hoping communities across the region will work togeter to ensure the area functions throughout the cold weather.

Speaking after the meeting of the Council’s Executive last Thursday, she said: “The council has just approved a plan setting out how we aim to encourage people to volunteer, getting them involved in helping their community and putting their skills to good use.

“Winter is a time when we can all do our bit to help out by clearing snow, or watching out for older and vulnerable neighbours — whether that’s offering to help out with shopping or simply popping round to check they’re OK.”

Following on from last year, the council is issuing new snow shovels to community councils who have identified a need for them as part of their community winter emergency plans.

Furthermore, the council will continue in its efforts to ease the cold-weather period by providing additional machinery.

Councillor Danny Gibson said: “This year Stirling Council has invested an additional £762,000 in new vehicles, bringing the winter fleet up to 16 lorries and 16 gritters to cover 428 km of priority roads across.

“We’ll also be working in partnership with the Tayforth Machinery Ring, which provides us with the opportunity to call on the services of 20 farmers who have been supplied by the council with snow ploughs and can help out if there is very heavy snow.”

Community councils and local volunteers play an important role in the council’s winter plans. Many have already prepared their own winter resilience plans, showing how they can supplement council services.

They have received snow shovels and safety vests so local volunteers can take action to help vulnerable neighbours and other residents if conditions become severe.

You can find out more about your local community council, and how you can get involved, as well as about volunteering, at