Village kids’ sculpture casts a spell on Harry Potter fans

A SCULPTURE of a bird created by Balfron children is going to be on display in the cafe in Edinburgh where JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book.

Their hornbill in the world famous Elephant House was created for web hosting company Easyspace to be included in the Jungle City exhibition in the city which aims to raise £1 million to help endangered animals.

This is the only artwork made by children in the display of 120 endangered animals so it’s fitting that it’s been placed in a cafe which attracts Harry Potter fans. All the young artists are members of not-for-profit art group Friends of Art Balfron (FAB) which runs Saturday morning art classes in the village.

Dawn Cullen, chairperson of FAB, said: “The children are huge Harry Potter fans so they couldn’t have been more excited than when they heard their hornbill was going on display at the café where JK Rowling first wrote her world famous books.”

Anisah McDonagh (10) said: “This is amazing. I hope that if JK Rowling comes to the café she likes our hornbill.” Joe Rose, (9) added: “We had a brilliant time seeing where Harry Potter was written and counting the hundreds of elephant sculptures in the café.”

Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace, said: “Having our children’s sculpture on display in the Elephant House is absolutely fantastic both for us and the brilliant young artists who designed and painted it. It’s an iconic location and we hope it encourages all Harry Potter fans to embrace the important message about conservation that our hornbill conveys.”

David Taylor, owner of the Elephant House, said: “Their sculpture is a wonderful, colourful addition and will provide a lovely focus for the youngsters and their families who come here to connect with the Harry Potter story. The Balfron pupils have done a fantastic job!”

The hornbill has also got a famous new fan, Irish singer Andrea Corr. Andrea has recorded the voice for the baby elephant that Easyspace has also sponsored as part of the audio guide to Jungle City. Andrea said: “The girls and boys of Balfron are clearly very talented and have created a beautiful hornbill which everyone should go and see.”

The outdoor display comes to an end on Monday, September 26 and then the sculptures will be sold at a gala auction. If you want to walk round the Edinburgh street display of Jungle City you can download the official route map at