Vicki’s huge step for marathon fundraiser

Vicki Jackson marathon finish
Vicki Jackson marathon finish

IF someone had told Vicki Jackson a few years ago that she would be running the London Marathon in 2012, she wouldn’t have believed them.

Vicki from Montrose Gardens, Milngavie, has avoided exercise from the age of 10 - and says she was always ready with a note to excuse her from PE at school.

However that all changed when one of her friends had a premature baby - he was born at 23 weeks and unfortunately didn’t survive.

Her friend got a lot of support from the special care baby charity BLISS, which provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK.

They offer guidance and information at a critical time in families’ lives and fund ground-breaking research and campaign for babies to receive the best possible level of care regardless of when and where they are born.

Vicki (30) said: “My friend’s baby sadly only lived for three weeks - it was a terribly traumatic time for her.

“BLISS helped her with counselling and gave her information about other support which was available.

“It’s a great charity and not that many people have heard about it.

“They don’t get the recognition that a lot of other bigger charities get.

“Running marathons is a huge step for me, I never thought I’d see the day and my friends and family can’t believe it.”

Vicki, a former High School of Glasgow pupil, ran her first marathon this year, in Edinburgh, to raise money for BLISS but she admits that she had to walk for a lot of it as she is still increasing her level of fitness.

She will run the London Marathon next April and has also organised a ceilidh for BLISS on November 19 in Milngavie Town Hall at 7.30pm and hopes to raise a minimum of £2,500.

Tickets, costing £10 which includes a buffet, are available by e-mailing or go to their website www.ceilidhbliss/info