‘Vets did everything they could to save Harvey’

This is the beautiful German Shepherd dog Harvey who died after being bitten by an adder in a Kirkintilloch field.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 11:39 am
Harvey died after being bitten by a snake at Kirkintilloch

The owner of the nine-year-old dog said vets did everything they could to save their beloved pet and is warning other owners to be vigilant.

Karen McKnight said: “It is a tragedy and we are devastated. The vets and I did everything we could to save Harvey.

“Please be vigilant when out with your pups as it could happen to anyone.”

Harvey developed a severe reaction to the bite and died of sepsis a few days after being bitten by the UK’s only venomous snake last Sunday at Waterside village near the football pitch.

The Scottish SPCA is also advising dog owners to be vigilant when walking their pets.

Scottish SPCA superintendent Mike Flynn said: ‘We are very sad to hear about the passing of a dog due to complications from a snake bite. We urge dog owners to be vigilant when walking their dogs and thoroughly check them over when they return home. Dogs could pick up a tick, a cut from sharp materials, or in this case, an injury from a wild animal. If you have any concerns about your pet, consult a vet immediately.”

Experts say adders are not known to be aggressive. The snakes will only use their venom as a last means of defence and this is usually if they are caught or trodden on.

There have been reports of dogs being bit by adders in Scotland over the years.