Vandals target a popular natural beauty spot in Milngavie

Emma Taylor at Tannoch Loch next to graffiti on bin and pavement.
Emma Taylor at Tannoch Loch next to graffiti on bin and pavement.

Residents who live near a popular beauty spot in Milngavie say they are ‘disappointed’ that the area has been vandalised with graffiti.

Working mum of three, Emma Taylor, who has lived near Tannoch Loch for 12 years, was shocked to discover that the letters ‘SOS’ had been daubed on the lifebuoy and drawings of stick people had been sprayed on the pavement. The bin was also targeted.

Emma said: “This is the first time I’ve seen graffiti here and it looks like it was just kids being mischevious.

“The problem is that it’s hardto remove and it looks awful.

“Youngsters may think graffiti is just harmless fun but they don’t realise that they are spoiling the area for themselves, local people and visitors.

“Lots of people come here to get away from the pressures of life and enjoy the stunning scenery so I don’t understand why anyone would want to mess that up.

“It’s important that we educate children to look after their environment andencourage them to take pride in it.

“We all need to protect areas of natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.”

Grace Irvine, director of East Dunbartonshire neighbourhood services, said: “Anyone who spots graffiti or is concerned about litter, fly-tipping or dog fouling shouldlet us know about it, giving as much detail as possible.

“Residents can call us n 0300 123 4510, click the ‘report it’ button on the homepage of our website ( or use the ‘My EDC’ app from their smartphone to report these issues.”