Tributes to victims of lorry crash

Tragic accident in George Square, Glasgow.
Tragic accident in George Square, Glasgow.

Tributes will be paid to the victims of the tragic accident in George Square this week in churches throughout the area.

As everyone across Scotland struggles to come to terms with the horrific incident, which has claimed six lives so far and seriously injured a number of people, our thoughts are with the famlies and friends who have lost loved ones in the tragic accident.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash of a bin lorry in Glasgow’s George Square on Monday at around 2.30pm.The vehicle mounted the pavement near the Gallery of Modern Art and travelled out of control along Queen Street, across the traffic lights at St Vincent Street, and up the side of George Square on one of the busiest shopping days before Christmas.

The area was full of people and several pedestrians were knocked down in horrific scenes of devastation.

The lorry only stopped when it hit a private hire cab and crashed into the Millennium Hotel.

Reverend Roddy Hamilton, minister of New Kilpatrick Church in Bearsden, will be speaking about the tragedy in his Christmas services.

He said: “You find yourself wordless after the accident in George Square on Monday.

“It is a devastating tragedy where you feel things in a different way, a more human way because it happens closer to you. The streets are so familiar and this makes you see things quite vividly.

“Everyone seems quieter. Rightly.

“And as with the Clutha accident last year, it seems the vulnerability of human life is emphasised most when life is meant to be at its richest at Christmas time.

“Yet the Christmas story is one of vulnerability too: a vulnerable child born to a vulnerable woman, in a vulnerable place and time. Saying that doesn’t make what happened in George Square any easier or take the edge off it.

“Perhaps what it does do is invite us to be in the vulnerable places with others because that is where we find our deepest humanity.

“This is the greater truth of Christmas for both God and us: when we share our deepest humanity, in tragedy or otherwise, we share a different, more loving world.”

The police have set up a dedicated hotline number - 01786 289 070 .