Trees ripped up at Mugdock Park

MUGDOCK Country Park lost its electricity supply for four days during the recent storm after nearby power lines were damaged.

A generator installed last Thursday provided a partial supply while Scottish Power repaired lines throughout the area and power was restored in full to the park last Friday evening.

The park manager, Iain Arnott, said: “In all the years I’ve been here I don’t remember losing the power for longer than a day.

“However, many houses through the area were affected so we were the last in a long line.

“I don’t remember weather as bad as that during my time here, a lot of trees have been damaged and need to be cleared from paths.

“We have prioritised main path networks as well as trees that we know are at risk of falling.

“We’d ask visitors to stay on main footpaths during the next few weeks to allow the estates and countryside teams to deal with any potential dangerous trees.

“We estimate that it will take about six weeks to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

“The high winds ripped up many trees which were already vulnerable as the ground was soaking wet.

“The catering and business traders re-opened as soon as possible and we ask our visitors to be patient as we get services back to normal.”