Travellers told to leave Scottish Water’s land in Milngavie

Scottish Water has taken legal action to evict travelling people who set up a camp on land owned by them in Milngavie.

The water company received complaints about the travellers and fly tipping on the site at Auchenhowie Road, Milngavie, near Murray Park Rangers training grounds. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has been informed.

A Scottish water spokesperson said: “It is our responsibility to take the necessary legal action to stop any unlawful occupation of our property and have any temporary dwellings removed.

“Although this is the site of a former waste water treatment works, there is a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) there which is operational and we need to maintain access at all times.

“The presence of the travelling people was preventing us from getting to the CSO and if it’s not functioning we’d risk an environmental emergency.”

A decree for ejection was granted at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Wednesday, November 5 and sheriff officers were instructed to carry out the eviction.

However the travellers say they have nowhere else to go as there are no allocated sites nearby.