Transvit van sliced by forklift truck at Boclair House, Bearsden

Damaged van at Boclair House building site
Damaged van at Boclair House building site

This dramatic picture was emailed to us today (Wednesday, May 20) by bus driver Jonathan Mcallister.

It shows the extent of the damage done to a transit van while it was parked in the Boclair House building site in Bearsden.

It appears that a forklift truck sliced off the top of the van.

The historic red sandstone Boclair House is currently being converted into a hotel with housing at the rear of the property.

Mr Mcallister said: “I saw a man looking very shocked on the corner of the road, perhaps he’d been driving the forklift truck.

“It was a pretty awful thing to see and the police arrived.

“There was no ambulance so I hope that means that no-one was injured.”

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