Trail of destruction left behind by vandals in Milngavie

THOUSANDS of pounds worth of damage was caused to several cars in Milngavie in the early hours of last Wednesday morning when vandals went on a wrecking spree.

Residents woke to discover that wing mirrors on up to about ten cars had been ripped off on Hunter Road, Castlemains Road and Garvel Road.

Furious Stefan Waclawski of Castlemains Road found both wing mirrors on his car, a Toyota Corolla, hanging by the wires and it has cost him £364 to repair.

Mr Waclawski said: “I’ve lived here for 15 years and I have never seen such wilful criminal damage.

“I was awoken around 3am on Wednesday morning to the noise of a group of individuals in the street – sadly nothing unusual these days as I am always picking up empty beer cans and Buckfast bottles thrown into my garden.

“Never for a moment did I think they were wrecking cars as they walked along the street.

“Seeing the extent of the damage not only to my car but also to my neighbours cars was completely shocking.

“To think that these vandals, who probably live in the area, think nothing of causing criminal damage to other people’s private property is completely disheartening, clearly they have no conscience or set of morals by which to live by as part of a law abiding community.

“People must know who they are, if someone in your house came home in the early hours last Wednesday morning, question them on what they were up to.

“If you think for a second they could have been part of this criminal wrecking group then do the right thing and contact the police.

“Or better still if you were one of the people responsible why not do the right thing and own up to your criminality and hand yourself into the police, otherwise every time in future you pass the cars you damaged your conscience will be troubled.”

Siobhan McCandlish from the community safety department at Kirkintilloch police office, said: “Numerous wing mirrors were removed or damaged during this spate of mindless vandalism.

“Incidents like this cause distress and fear among residents as well as unnecessary expense and inconvenience and will not be tolerated.”

Anyone who thinks they may have information about who was responsible should phone Milngavie police office on 0141 532 4000 or alternatively Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to remain anonymous.