Traffic fears at new store site

07-02-2015 Picture Roberto Cavieres.  Milngavie RD. Ex-petrol Station
07-02-2015 Picture Roberto Cavieres. Milngavie RD. Ex-petrol Station

Residents have raised concerns about the new Sainsbury’s Local Store in Bearsden, which is due to open in October this year.

It is being built on the site of the former service station opposite Kessington Hall on Milngavie Road, but some people worry that it will increase parking problems and traffic.

K S Murdoch said on the Herald’s Facebook page: “It will cause total chaos, that junction is bad enough!”

Cheryl Anne King said: “I agree, trying to turn onto Kessington Road off Milngavie Road is a nightmare at the best of times. You are lucky if you get more than one car through. They really need a filter on the lights.”

Kathryn Farrow said: “I’m dreading the road closure for the next few weeks. Getting to the gym at rush hour is bad enough.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Sainsbury’s Locals are small convenience stores, stocking a range of everyday goods. Because of this, and their accessible locations, customers tend to walk to our stores for small, frequent shops. For those who choose to drive 12 car parking spaces will also be provided, so there is unlikely to be any impact on parking on local roads. All aspects of planning, including traffic and parking provision for the store, were agreed with East Dunbartonshire Council.”

Thomas Glen, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of development and regeneration, said: “The application was considered against Local Plan policies, including transportation and parking policies, and by the council’s roads department.

“No objections were received, however, conditions have been put in place to ensure a level of parking appropriate to the size of the shop, in line with council policy.

“Since the introduction of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement last April, community wardens have issued fixed penalty notices to drivers disregarding parking restrictions. Where parking is dangerous or causing disruption, however, it remains a matter for Police Scotland rather than the council.”