Traffic calming will cause an accident

Robert McKendrick in Bearsden.
Robert McKendrick in Bearsden.

Traffic calming measures in Bearsden make the problem worse - according to concerned residents in the Kessington/Killermont area.

One resident says the scheme, which uses curb extensions to narrow the road to a single lane in ten places on Rannoch Drive, Kessington Road and Buchanan Drive, is unpopular with local people.

Robert McKendrick said: “The bollards have been knocked over twice in the first two months by vehicles.

“People don’t see them until the last minute and then brake suddenly or they speed up to get through.

“Many people don’t think this reduces traffic speed or volume and it’s actually more likely to cause a severe incident.

“Rannoch Drive is used as a rat run. Residents have wanted something to be done about this for years but we don’t think this is the answer.”

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services said: “Residents in Rannoch Drive have for years been asking us to find a solution to the problem of speeding drivers and to stop their road being used as a rat run. However, a scheme of speed reduction measures had to be abandoned in 2008 because of the number of objections.

“A system of build-outs to force drivers to slow down and give way was more favourably received in a consultation last year and has now been partially implemented.

“All locations were assessed as having a safe stopping distance, however it will take some time for drivers to get used to the scheme. In the meantime, the council will carry out a study to find out if the scheme is deemed to be successful in reducing traffic in the area.”