Road rage between pedestrian and council driver over ‘inconsiderate’ parking at Kirkintilloch

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A row blew up between a walker and a council driver over “inconsiderate” parking at Townhead, Kirkintilloch.

A resident of Dalrymple Court asked the Herald to highlight the problem after the altercation at a car park at Woodhead Medical Practice earlier this week.

He found himself unable to use the public footpath from Woodhead Park as a motorist driving an East Dunbartonshire Council marked car attempted to park up on the pavement.

He said: “A very irate driver was about to park her car fully on the public footpath as I was coming from the park.

“She blew her horn at me to move away from the footpath.

“But being me, I stood my ground. I complained to the management at the clinic and to the council. But to no avail.

“Seriously, some people have no consideration for the public. As you can see from the photo, it’s a council car, fully on the footpath. Can you help?”

Concerns for people with disabilities have also been raised.

Another resident said: “It’s people with a disability who are most at risk from this type of parking. What are they supposed to do when the pavement is blocked in this way?”

The Herald got in touch with East Dunbartonshire Council who said the area would now be monitored.

Ann Davie, the Council’s Depute Chief Executive - Education, People & Business, said: “We wish to thank residents for bringing this issue to our attention.

“The Council liaises regularly with employees to promote considerate parking and active travel, so this is disappointing to see. Rest assured, we will monitor the area in question, taking appropriate action as required.”