New charges at Bearsden Hub

Photo Emma Mitchell 6.3.17'Bearsden Community Hub
Photo Emma Mitchell 6.3.17'Bearsden Community Hub

There has been a mixed 
reaction to new parking charges being introduced by East Dunbartonshire Council at Bearsden Hub and Library.

The charges are set to be introduced from Monday, February 3.

According to the council, the charging regime will be the same as the other seven off-street charging car parks within East Dunbartonshire, applicable Monday-Saturday from 9am-5.30pm. Sundays remain free all day.

Signage and parking meters will be installed within the car park this month.

The charges are: 0-2 hours (£1); 2-3 hours (£2); 3-4 hours (£3) and more than four hours (£5). Blue Badge holders can park for free.

The news sparked dozens of comments from local people on East Dunbartonshire Council’s Facebook page.

One resident welcomed the news, posting: “Hopefully this will encourage more people to walk or cycle. The level of car use in this area is unreal.”

Another posted: “Well done. For far too long tax payers who chose not to drive everywhere have been subsidising those who do. Parking is never free. The land has a value, it costs to maintain and the pollution caused by those who drive there, has a cost.”

But others fear nearby 
residential streets will bear the brunt of the parking 

One resident said: “I suspect what you’ll see is just more people clogging residential side roads, again, that’s what normally happens.”

While another added: “Bearsden hub is a community centre for people to enjoy the library, pay rent and and every three months give blood donations. Council is out of order.”

One woman said: “Will be interesting to see how library use is affected by this.”

As the Herald went to press yesterday (Wednesday), Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive - Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Parking charges will be introduced at Bearsden Community Hub car park on Drymen Road from Monday 3 February 2020.

“The aim is to help improve turnover of spaces at the facility and allow better customer access to the town centre.”