Disabled motorist in Bearsden can’t park outside his own home

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A Bearsden pensioner with a disability is parking mad at being unable to leave his car outside his own home.

John Rankin (77) lives on Milngavie Road, opposite the old American Golf store.

He told the Herald that despite being assured 14 months ago parking restrictions were being put in place by East Dunbartonshire Council, nothing has been done.

To make matters worse, he said his neighbours have already forked out £52 for a parking permit.

Mr Rankin said: “The council said they would be putting two-hour waiting restrictions on this part of the road. People leave their cars outside my home all day, they line the route there because Hillfoot train station is nearby.”

Mr Rankin, who has a blue badge, said on one occasion he had to pick up his three-year-old grandson from nursery - and could park on his return.

He said: “I had to park across the other side of the road at the old American Golf car park.”

The senior citizen then had to negotiate the cycle lane and cross the busy Milngavie Road with his grandson.

Mr Rankin added he felt the infrastructure is simply “not in place” to cope with additional traffic as a result of new houses in the area and hit out at the cycle lane design.

Eastww Dunbartonshire Council boss Thomas Glen said: “We have been working on the installation of parking restrictions across Bearsden, including at Hillfoot, to assist local residents who have highlighted issues due to inconsiderate and obstructive parking.

“A limited number of permits have been agreed for residents in areas where restrictions were introduced and residents do not have off street parking facilities.

“The restrictions in this area are due to become enforceable next month.

“If a resident has recently applied for and received a permit this will be valid until a year from the date when the restriction becomes enforceable.

“In addition, new parking bays are being created closer to the Hillfoot shops for the use of patrons.”