Traders’ plea to Scottish Water

Mae dempsey, at the burst pipe outside lingerie shop'Photo Emma Mitchell'29/7/13
Mae dempsey, at the burst pipe outside lingerie shop'Photo Emma Mitchell'29/7/13

Traders have issued a desperate plea to Scottish Water to carry out a permanent repair to the water mains on Stewart Street, in Milngavie.

As reported in last week’s Herald, a recent flood in the street caused by a burst water main, has damaged the road which has ‘buckled’ at the edges next to the pavement.

Sections of the road are now sticking up above the pavement and worried business owners fear that it could cause a serious accident as pedestrians could trip over it.

They are also distressed that the water main has burst four times in a week - Thursday, July 25, Sunday 28 and then TWICE last Wednesday.

The first time it happened 30 properties and businesses lost their water supply from about 9am to noon and last Wednesday many properties were cut off again from about 3pm.

Mae Dempsey, co-owner of Lingerie Boutique on Stewart Street, said: “When the pipes burst again on Sunday it was horrendous, water ran down the street for hours.

“Then, last Wednesday, we got another torrent of water from about 12.30pm.

“It’ was really quite upsetting and no-one came to fix it until about 2.45pm.

“As well as the hazard of the damaged road the water makes it very slippery and it’s flowing over a disabled car parking space.”

Mae’s daughter and co-owner of the business, Louise Marr, added: “It was like a scene out of a movie - water was gushing down into the precinct and coming up from between the holes in the taramac on the road.

“No-one wanted to walk up to our shop while the street was flooded.”

Owner of Cyan restaurant, David Cowan, said: “This has been a bit of a nightmare.

“We were expecting 120 guests on Sunday night for an important dinner at 7.30pm and we weren’t sure we could cater for them as the water didn’t come back on until 8pm.

“It went off again on Wednesday when the restaurant was full with lots of guests enjoying our six course meal.

“It came back on at 11pm, so we had a very late night clearing up because we couldn’t use the dishwashers until then.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “We apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused by these recent bursts. We are investigating and will carry out any works required. We have been working to repair some of the damage caused to Stewart Street and will be meeting with East Dunbartonshire Council this week to discuss repairing the remainder of the damage. A detailed traffic management plan will also be agreed with the council in advance.”