Bearsden Town Hall, going to be closed for three days'em'6/12/11
Bearsden Town Hall, going to be closed for three days'em'6/12/11

TRADERS are furious that the council granted permission for Bearsden Town Hall car park to be closed for THREE days in the run up to Christmas.

Camera crews from Pursuit Films are going to shoot scenes there for their movie Honour on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, December 11 to 13.

Bearsden Cross shopowners fear their businesses will take a hit and feel let down by local councillor Amanda Stewart as they claim she didn’t tell them about this closure in a recent meeting and promised that nothing would interrupt their festive trading.

However she claims she knew nothing about it.


Paul Smith, from Paul Smith Menswear on New Kirk Road, said: “We met Amanda Stewart and other members of the council a few weeks ago and she gave us her assurance that nothing would disrupt our Christmas trade.

“There is a level of concern that just before Christmas this car park is going to close.

“No one from the council mentioned this closure to us in the meeting and it must have been agreed by then. It’s been tough for businesses in recent years and this has caused outrage among traders. It’s utterly ridiculous, we are all very annoyed.”

Frances Heenan, from Russo gift shop, also on New Kirk Road, added: “The car park is being closed in prime trading time prior to Christmas. We are already trying to cope in a recession, what chance have we got?

“The car parking here is a nightmare anyway, there aren’t enough spaces, so this is a disaster for us.

“Every year we have a new problem - the council digs up pavements or something.

“We were all quite happy that we’d have uninterrupted trading this year - then this happens. How are we supposed to survive?”

Gary McCann, from 3MC hair salon on Roman Road, said: “We are all very unhappy about this. We feel let down by the council when they told us they’d do everything they can to help with the car parking problem here.

“We can’t understand why the council gave permission to close this car park just before Christmas - our busiest time of the year.”

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