Traders are asking ‘when will gas works be finished?’

gas networks, opposite bookshop'Photo Emma Mitchell'29/7/13
gas networks, opposite bookshop'Photo Emma Mitchell'29/7/13

Traders and locals are demanding to know why it is taking so long for upgrades to gas pipes in a car park in Milngavie to be completed.

An area at the entrance of the car park on Douglas Street in Milngavie, which would usually offer two car parking spaces, has been fenced off since June – as well as some public seating – while Scotland Gas Networks carry out an upgrade of gas pipes there.

Signs on the fence warn ‘danger deep excavations’ and ask the public not to smoke or light naked flames of any kind in the area.

Another sign apologises for any inconvenience during these essential works.

A member of staff at Milngavie Bookshop, which is opposite the site on Douglas Street, said: “It’s a bit of an eyesore and takes up much-needed parking spaces.

“There doesn’t appear to be much work going on there at the moment so we are all just wondering what’s happening.

“It shouldn’t be left like that for a long time. It all looks a bit of a mess and it will be good to get back to normal again.”

A spokesperson for Scotland Gas Networks, said: “We are currently carrying out an upgrade of the gas pipes.

“We’ve tried to minimise disruption and take up as few car parking spaces as we could.

“The work was agreed by East Dunbartonshire Council and we anticipate that it will be finished by the end of September.

“We are at the monitoring phase at the moment so that’s why the site appears to be quiet, but this is an important part of the work.

“The site is a bit like a small electricity substation for gas and reduces the pressure of the gas before it can be piped into people’s homes.”