Trader claims life has been bled from “soulless” precinct

THE life has been bled from Milngavie Precinct, turning it into a “soulless” desert with “no character” which looks the same during the day and night.

That’s the explosive claim of one prominent town trader, who has accused councillors of preventing the area from blossoming.

Rona Miller, who runs Art Forum, hit out, saying that East Dunbartonshire Council’s decision to ban A-board advertising signs is an assault on businesses who have been ‘squashed with unreasonable limitations’.

EDC brought in the A-board ban last October, saying they were unsightly and dangerous - prompting a furious response from traders who have been battered by the recession and competition from supermarket chains.


Speaking after raising her concerns at a recent meeting of Milngavie Community Council, Mrs Miller said: “I’d like to know what the general public think of these decisions and their knock-on effect.

“I would like to suggest that the council arrange a ‘walk about’ meeting round the village and the surrounding area which will allow the general public, traders and visitors to have their say as to what WE want for our precinct and the surrounding area.

“It would also appear that, in general, there really is a distinct lack of correspondence with the council and the ‘users’ of the town centres as the council can place any piece of furniture they wish, anywhere in Milngavie Precinct without any input and consultation with members of the public, traders and generally people who have to live, work and play in these areas every day.

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