Trade jobs for the ex military

Ex Royal Marine Ken Cowan
Ex Royal Marine Ken Cowan

An ex-Royal Marine from Bearsden has set up a property maintenance business to provide jobs for ex-military men and women.

Ken Cowan (42), was with the Royal Marines for 12 years, from the age of 23 to 35, and served on tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He left the military after injury prevented his return to the frontline.

He broke his ankle, snapped every ligament and suffered several micro fractures during a training exercise in Wales in 2003 and was discharged five years later.

Ken had difficulty adjusting to civilian life with just three months for the transition. Suddenly he was forced to leave his family (The Marines) and find a new job.

He realised that while there are plenty of re-training opportunities for ex-military personnel it’s much harder to find a job and that’s what gave him the idea for this business.

Ken spent over two years planning “ex mil trades” in his spare time and set it up a year ago. Recently he’s taken on a partner, Paul Wiggins, to help.

Ken, who suffered from adjustment disorder, said: “When you leave the forces you can suffer in varying degrees. It’s a very different world out here from behind the wire.

“Also the severity of the conflicts that our servicemen and women have endured can make it hard for them to talk about their experiences with people outside of the service community.

“It’s easier to work with colleagues that have shared your experiences and you can relate to. It helps you work through issues instead of being put in an alien environment where you feel it is best to keep quiet.

“Ex Mil Trades aims to provide emotional support and give veterans that first step into civilian life as well as provide training in trades.”

Service leavers with a trade can email

Visit for more information or email 0330 123 1311.