Top worry for Scots parents when teenagers leave home for university ... their eating habits

Scots mums and dads have revealed what worries them the most about their teenagers leaving home to go to university for the first time.

Sunday, 8th November 2015, 11:00 am
Top worry for parents when their teenagers go to university is their eating habits

A survey of parents in Scotland, commissioned by Linda McCartney’s, found at the top of their list of concerns at 42 per cent is the worry that their teenagers won’t eat properly.

This surpassed all other concerns including the temptations first freedom away from home brings and the stress of budgeting.

The poll found 26 per cent of parents believe their teens will lack basic nutrients from not eating fruit and vegetables.

Furthermore, 34 per cent of mums and dads wouldn’t trust their children to be able to cook a meal from scratch when they move away from home.

The study also showed that students themselves also worry about the big change as a third are conscious of eating a balanced diet with 29 per cent stating they take their wellbeing seriously.

Dr Nihara Krause, renowned clinical psychologist, said: “This survey confirms the concerns that both older teenagers and parents have about eating a balanced diet at university.

“Strategies to promote eating well should start early in university life and can include making meals and eating with friends, helping students replicate home cooking.”

Linda McCartney’s, the pioneers of great tasting vegetarian food, commissioned the survey to understand the issues facing parents and new students at university.