Toddle Waddle for meningitis

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The parents of a baby who made a miraculous recovery after contracting a deadly form of meningitis have raised nearly £10,000 for the cause.

Kim and Andy Mackay from Milngavie have raised £5,000 by taking part in various runs in the past two years since their son’s illness and they held a Toddle Waddle recently in Lennox Park which was attended by over 100 children and their parents and raised over £4,802.

Their son Mark was only six weeks old when he became unwell, but they didn’t suspect he had meningitis as he didn’t have any of the classic symptoms, including a rash.

Kim said: “It was a Saturday afternoon and he was a bit sleepier than usual. I knew there was something wrong when he didn’t want to feed and that’s not like him.

“He was also quite warm - his temperature was 38 C and he was grunting a little bit in his sleep, but everything else seemed normal.”

Kim phoned NHS 24 and a nurse sent an ambulance to take Mark to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital due to his breathing difficulties.

When the ambulance arrived Mark’s skin was mottled, but he still didn’t have a rash.

He also developed a trance like stare with his mouth in an ‘O’ shape - Kim later learned that’s a sign of meningitis.

Mark’s temperature had reached 39.6 C and his heartbeat was dangerously fast when he arrived at Yorkhill - only half an hour after Kim’s initial call to NHS 24.

He was given intravenous antibiotics and later diagnosed with Group B Strep Bacterial meningitis, two days later he suffered a seizure and was taken into intensive care for one night. He was in hospital for two weeks in total.

Kim said: “We are so glad that we got him to hospital so soon - there’s no doubt that it saved his life.

“We don’t need to attend hospital now until next February at which time we will hopefully be completely discharged.

“He was very lucky to make a full recovery and now that he’s a happy healthy two year old we thought it was a great time to do the Toddle Waddle.

“It was our way of saying a thank you and a great reason to get all the families and little people we know to take part in a fun event to raise a few more pounds for the charity.

“We were really delighted with how it all turned out, the children walked approximately half a mile and received a medal, certificate and Meningitis Now sticker.

“To have raised so much money and awareness of the illness in our local community is amazing. The support we’ve had has just been wonderful and we’d like to thank everyone who’s helped us.”