Thug stole £200 from pensioner

A pensioner who had £200 in cash stolen from her while she was in a supermarket is warning others to be vigilant.

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, 12:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:06 pm
Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

The woman, who is in her 70s, withdrew the cash from her bank account at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Douglas Street, Milngavie on Friday, June 23 to pay a painter for his work.

She asked the teller to place the money in an envelope for her and then she placed it in a zipped up compartment in her shopping trolley, just beneath the handle.

The elderly woman then walked to Tesco on Gavins Mill Road and turned her back on her shopping trolley for a few seconds to pick up some tomatoes in the grocery aisle.

When she returned to face her shopping trolley she discovered that someone had unzipped it and taken the envelope of £200 cash and her purse which contained all her bank cards and loyalty cards.

She said: “I felt physically sick.

“I was so annoyed that I’d been targeted in this way.

“I don’t think this was random, I think someone watched me put the money in my trolley when I was in the bank and they followed me to Tesco.

“I can’t prove it but it seems too much of a coincidence.

“My concern is that this could happen to someone else.”

The incident was reported to the police but they have been able to trace the suspect.

There is a CCTV camera in Tesco but unfortunately it didn’t cover the area where the woman was targeted.

The woman added: “I think there should be more CCTV cameras in Milngavie precinct.

“I also think there should be more privacy for people when they are in the bank.

“People can watch you quite easily from the doorway as the layout is so open.

“I may be older but I’ve still got my wits about me.

“If this can happen to me it could happen to anyone.”

If you saw anything suspicious in the bank or Tesco that day between 12-1pm please phone Kirkintilloch Police Office on 101.