Thieves target car keys in raids

People are being warned to be vigilant after several failed attempts in Bearsden to steal car keys from people’s homes during the night.

The culprits are allegedly using a pole with a hook to put through letter boxes to try to swipe the keys from the hallway in homes.

A comment on Bearsden Community’s Facebook page from a Westerton resident prompted a huge response from other people throughout the area.

The message on Tuesday, December 15, said: “We’ve just woken up to three men using a pole and hook through our letter box to try and steal our keys from the side mantle. Luckily they made so much noise they woke us up but they drove away in a silver Corsa.”

Karen Hughes replied: “The same happened on Henderland road this morning at 5am, they left their stick lying on road.”

Alan Harrison said: “That ties in with the experience we had at 4.30am on Larchfield Road this morning. We were awoken with a noise at the front door - we got up to find the outside storm double doors wide open and the internal door open - must have disturbed them and they’ve moved up towards Henderland.”

Fraser McGarrie from Killermont, said: “Sounds familiar, we were awoken at 4am on Monday morning by someone smashing through the window on our front door, they stole the keys from the door and made off with our silvery Vauxhall Meriva.”

Karen Stride, from the Rosslyn Road area, said: “My dog woke us up growling and barking at 4.10am on Friday morning and we heard someone at our letterbox.”

Sergeant Catriona McConchie, from Kirkintilloch Police Office, said: “I’d encourage people to be vigilant and make sure their properties are secure and nothing valuable is left visible or easily accessed.

“Officers are in the area and I’d ask residents to contact the police to report any incidents of a suspicious nature to the police at the time.”