The importance of getting the impact right

Pirie World of Golf. Clydebank.
Pirie World of Golf. Clydebank.

Do you ever have days when you drive the ball perfectly long, and accurate?

It all seems so easy that you don’t really need to think about anything. It just seems to happen. Then, say the following day, your driving is really poor, no matter what you try it doesn’t seem to work.

What can be wrong and how can it vary so much from day to day?

Well the simple answer is usually all down to where you are striking the ball on the club face. On the good days you are probably creating a centre hit, or perhaps slightly towards the toe, whereas on the poor days you are probably striking the ball all over the face. The actual swing is unlikely to be much different, but the quality, and location of strike will certainly be different.

Take a look at the picture and you will see that I hit three shots with my driver. As you will note the strike pattern is different. My first shot was the centre strike, followed by a slight heel hit, then my last one was the best, coming just right of centre in the perfect spot to gain extra distance, and produce a lovely soft draw.

In terms of distance the shot from the heel will fly at least 10 yards less than the shot from slightly right of centre. In terms of direction, the shot from the heel will tend to start left, then slice away well to the right of target. This is known as a heel slice and can be produced with a club face that is six/seven degrees closed at the point of impact. So don’t always assume that in order to habitually slice your ball, you must have an open face at impact. This is not always the case. Yet most players assume it is and spend all their time desperately trying to close the face even more.

If this article describes you, then have a lesson to see just where you actually hit the ball on your club face, then you will have something positive to work on over the long winter months.

Some golfers strikes vary from hole to hole, never mind day to day. It is worth mentioning that even very good golfers, will miss strike the ball on a regular basis. Good luck as always. Next week. Towel drills.

Thanks Julian, only using one picture in this article, hope that is ok?