The fight to save St Joseph’s Primary School in Milngavie gathers more support

PARENTS fighting to save Catholic education in Milngavie are going to hand deliver 600 letters of protest to East Dunbartonshire Council’s headquarters today (Monday, March 25).

The letters, addressed to the director of community services John Simmons, urge the council to drop plans to merge St Joseph’s Primary in Milngavie with St Andrew’s in Bearsden in a new building on the St Andrew’s site.

During the council’s informal consultation 96 per cent of St Joseph’s parents said a merger with St Andrew’s “is not acceptable”, despite this councillors are due to vote on the proposal on Wednesday (March 27).

Closing St Joseph’s would mean the end of Catholic education in Milngavie.

Laureen McIntyre, chair of St Joseph’s Parent Council, said: “The fantastic response over the past 24 hours shows that the whole Milngavie community is getting behind St Joseph’s Primary. Parents are shocked and disappointed at what is happening, but we are also getting organised.

“The council cannot possibly consider proceeding with its present proposals for St Joseph’s against such overwhelming opposition. It is time for them to listen.”

Milngavie based interior designer and tv presenter, John Amabile, is also backing their campaign.

He said: “The people of Milngavie have responded to the council’s consultation with a resounding ‘No’ to closing St Joseph’s Primary School - parents don’t want to send their children to St Andrew’s in Bearsden.

“The schools in Milngavie are at the heart of this vibrant and diverse community and to take St Joseph’s children out of their local area is short sighted.

“It will have a huge impact on the local shops and businesses and on the children themselves.”

Parents have also gathered 615 signatures for an online petition since last Friday afternoon, to add your name go to