DRYMEN Show was meant to be held Saturday but was cancelled due to fears of E-coli infection.

However, some sections were able to go ahead in various locations in the village.

The five a-side football was held at Drymen Primary School and had 10 teams taking part.

The WRI exhibition was held in the Reading Rooms, Drymen, and the schools competition was held in the new hall at the church, Drymen.

The Alpacas Scottish National Show was held at Ballochruin Farm, Balfron by the kind permission of Mr F Small and family.

Drymen Show results

SCHOOLS competition - Drymen Show 2012 - School Cup Winner:Drymen Primary School, Fergus Eckersall and Robbie Carroll. – Young Poets School Shield Winner: Drymen P7 – Exploring the Environment. Nursery Cup Winner: Killearn Nursery. Ballikinrain Shield Winner: Tony Winters, young craftsperson.

Nursery Section: 1 Killearn; 2 equal - Fintry and Aberfoyle; Merit – Croftamie; Arnprior. School Section: Young Poets – Group I: 1 Lewis Burns, Fintry; 2 Rhianna MacInnes, Drymen; 3 Fraser Spence, Fintry; Merit – Marcus Rowley, Drymen. Group II: 1 Maya Hattam, Buchanan; 2 Teddy Thomson, Drymen; 3 Katie Burr, Killearn; Merit – Peter McColgan & Munro Dunlop, Killearn. Group III: 1st equal – Fergus Eckersall, Drymen & Robbie Carroll, Drymen; 3 Nuala Hoyle, Katie Fabel & Emily Corrigan, Strathblane; Merit – Eilidh MacLean, Rowan Clarke & Roisin Brogan, Strathblane; Ewan McInnes, Drymen. Group IV: 1 Rory Harper, Killearn; 2 Katie Glen, Drymen; 3 Sally Duncan, Drymen; Merit – Esther Ross, Drymen. Young Writers: Group I: 1 Eric Stewart, Drymen; 2 Katie Lynn, Gartocharn; 3 Sandy Gibb, Drymen; Merit – Josh Stevenson & Bryce Henley-King, Buchlyvie; Lily McKendry, Killearn. Group II: 1 Oliva Carroll, Drymen; 2 Eilidh Laurie, Drymen; 3 Eilidh Lynn, Gartocharn; Merit – Alex Begbie & Lea Gower, Killearn; Stan Williams, Buchlyvie. Group III:: 1 Cameron Conway, Lomond; 2 Alice Mucklow, Lomond; 3 Robbie Wightman, Gartocharn; Merit – Elizabeth Thompson, Killearn; Alasdair Buchanan-Winch, Buchanan; Oscar Armstrong, Drymen. Group IV: 1 Ewan Cameron, Drymen; 2 Rosie Taylor, Killearn; 3 Zhou Xing Wilson, Drymen; Merit – Callum Buchanan, Buchlyvie; Mathew Cornes & Callum Adolphus, Killearn. Exploring the Environment: Group I: 1 Class P1 & P2, Fintry. Group II: 1 Class P3 & P4, Fintry; 2 Class P4, Drymen. Group III: 1 Class P5 & P6, Drymen; 2 Class P6, Killearn; 3 Class P4 & P5 Killearn. Group IV: 1 Class P7, Drymen. Young Artist: Group I: 1 Matthew Sillars, Gartocharn; 2 Bryony Craig, Drymen; 3 Glen Flisch, Fintry; Merit – Anna Carey, Fintry; Callan McIntyre, Buchanan; Corrie Irvine, Drymen. Group II: 1 Gabriel Barrett-Bunnage, Lomond; 2 Lorne Calway, Buchlyvie; 3 Morgan Agnew, Fintry; Merit – Catie Kelly, Strathblane; Finlay Millar, Killearn; Orla Ambrose, Fintry. Group III: 1 Elizabeth Cole, Fintry; 2 Innes Dunlop, Fintry; 3 Georgie Fraghista, Lomond; Merit – Josh Wells, Lomond; Elizabeth Thompson & Rachael Sekulowicz, Killearn. Group IV: 1 Rebecca, Zhou-Xing & Michael, Drymen; 2 Amber Hilmi, Fintry; 3 Luke O’Neill, Killearn; Merit – Iona Cunnigham & Jemma Whyte, Killearn; Andrew Findlay, Fintry. Young Craftperson: Group I: 1 Morgan Mearns, Fintry; 2 Casey Archer, Lomond; 3 Daniel Cunningham, Drymen. Group II: 1 James McArthur, Killearn; 2 John Wedderburn, Drymen & Rosie Whyte, Killearn; 3 Elizabeth Stewart, Killearn; Merit – Jennifer Dick, Drymen; Eilidh Lynn, Lydia Burns, Ewan McKenzie & Scott Lees, Gartocharn. Group III: 1 Shona Harrower, Drymen; 2 Robyn Hodgson, Lomond; 3 Ross Gilder, Lomond; Merit – Anna Cameron & Mieke Kalmyn, Drymen. Group IV: 1 Naomi, Buchlyvie; 2 Rebecca Stewart, Drymen; 3 Scott Hasell, Buchlyvie; Merit – Andrew Muir & Murray Steel, Buchlyvie. Young Poets: 1 Jordan Logan; 2 Jordan Cleary; 3 Brendan Stewart. Young Writers: 1 Andrew McGee; 2 Patrick Reid; 3 Xander Kerr. Young Artist: 1 Xander Kerr; 2 Class 9 (Aaron Scott, Damien Jack). Young Craftsperson: 1 Tony Winters; 2 John Burnett; 3 Josh Green; Merit - Josh Drysdale; Brian Shields; Garry Gaughan. Woodcraft: 1 Jordan Cleary (car); 2 Dylan Hastings (chess board); 3 Steven Brolly (dolphin); Merit – Patrick Reid (chess board); Jordan Langan (mallat).

Five-a-side Football: An excellent turnout of 10 teams took part in the competition which was held at Drymen Primary School. The competition was sponsored by F. Robb, Agricultrural Engineer, Drymen; The Clachan, Drymen & the family of the late Mr Hugh Boyle. Teams entered: Drymen Primary School A & B; Strathendrick P7’s A & B; Strathendrick P6’s A & B; Buchanan Primary; St Joseph’s A, B & C. Semi-finals - Drymen Primary’s A v Strathendrick P6’s B and Strathendricks P7’s A v St Joseph’s B. Winners – St Joseph’s B team; Runner-ups – Drymen Primary’s A team.

SWRI trophies: Silver Cup: Community Work, Balfron WRI, Silver Salver: Institute Gaining Most Points, Gartocharn WRI Mrs A. Steel Trophy: Member Gaining Most Points - Ray Brown, Gartocharn WRI. Japp Perpetual Trophy: Best Exhibit in section C (Classes 29 - 32) - Elizabeth Hay, Drymen WRI. Bannerman Cup: Most Points In Baking Section (classes 1 - 16) Anne Rankin, Gartocharn WRI Society Prize: Most Points In section A Classes 1-8 Anne Rankin, Gartocharn WRI Jenny Clark Memorial Trophy: Most Points In Classes 3 & 14, Anne Rankin, Gartocharn WRI Gladys Farquharson Trophy: Best Exhibit In Sections D and E, Elizabeth Hay, Drymen WRI Floral Challenge Trophy: Most points in Floral Section, Vivien Stephens, Gartocharn WRI

Section A - Baking: 3 Girdle Scones: 1 A Rankin, Gartocharn; 2 V Stephens, Gartocharn; 3 M Ronald, Croftamie; vhc. R Brown, Gartocharn; hc. D Retson, Buchlyvie; c. L Thomson, Buchlyvie. 3 Fruit Scones: 1 A Rankin; 2 P Gilroy, Balfron; 3 S Marshall, Balfron; vhc. M Ronald; hc. R Brown; c. E McCaig, Drymen. 3 Pancakes: 1 A Rankin; 2 V Stephens; 3 D Retson; vhc. A MacKay, Gartocharn; hc. S Marshall, Balfron; c. R Brown. 3 Potato Scones: 1 A Rankin; 2 R Brown; 3 A MacKay; vhc. P Gilroy, Balfron; hc. D Retson; c. V Stephen . 3 Oatcakes: 1 V Stephens; 2 M Ronald; 3 D Retson; vhc. R Brown. Any Fruit Loaf: 1 A McQueen, Croftamie; 2 P Scott, Balfron; 3 C Gleave, Drymen; vhc. G Farquharson, Balfron; hc. J Kirkland, Drymen; c. C McClymont, Balfron. White Loaf: 1 M Ronald. Wholemeal Loaf: 1 C Mair, Drymen; 2 M Sparkes, Buchlyvie; 3 G Munro, Croftamie; vhc. S Marshall. 3 Meringues: 1 M Ronald; 2 A MacKay; 3 A Rankin; vhc. R Brown; hc. A McQueen; c. G Farquharson. 3 Paradise Slice: 1 I Craig, Drymen; 2 R Brown; 3 V Stephens; vhc. P Scott Balfron; hc. A McQueen. Lemon & Cherry Cake: 1 R Brown; 2 I Craig; 3 L Thomson; vhc. V Stephens; hc. A McQueen; c. B Boyd, Gartocharn. Double Egg Sponge: 1 I Craig; 2 A Rankin; 3 V Stephens; vhc. M Ronald; hc. A MacKay. Victoria Sponge: 1 D Retson; 2 R Brown; 3 V Stephens; vhc. I Craig; hc. P Scott; c. A Rankin. Gingerbread: 1 H Glasgow, Gartocharn; 2 I Craig; 3 C Ferguson, Croftamie; vhc. R Doyle, Drymen; hc. M Ronald; c. M Cullen, Drymen. Shortbread Petticoat Tails: 1 G Farquharson, Balfron; 2 I Craig; 3 M Ronald; vhc. V Stephens; hc. S Baker, Balfron; c. A McQueen. 3 Empire Biscuits: 1 I Craig; 2 A MacKay; 3 A Rankin; vhc. H Glasgow; hc. R Brown; c. M Ronald. Section B - Housewifery: Jar of Jam: 1 I Craig; 2 J Dymond, Balfron; 3 E Murdoch, Buchlyvie; vhc. D Retson; hc. V Stephens; c. M Ronald. Jar of Jelly: 1 J Kirkland; 2 P Scott; 3 G Farquharson; vhc. S Marshall; hc. R Brown; c. J Dymond. Jar of Marmalade: 1 S Marshall; 2 I Craig; 3 J Dymond; vhc. V Stephens; hc. M Ronald; c. J Goodwin, Balfron. Jar of Lemon Curd: 1 R Brown; 2 E Murdoch; 3 D Retson; vhc. A Ewing, Croftamie; hc. H Glasgow; c. P Scott. Jar of Chutney: 1 B Boyd; 2 J Dymond; 3 A Hughes, Balfron; vhc. E McEwan, Buchlyvie; hc. M Harrower, Drymen; c. S Marshall. Pate: 1 M Bain, Gartocharn; 2 J Haining, Gartocharn; 3 M Ronald; vhc. C Baxter, Croftamie; hc. J Kirkland; c. V Stephens. Sausage Rolls: 1 I Craig; 2 J Dymond. Flask of Soup: 1 B Boyd; 2 M Cullen; 3 M Bain; vhc. J Haining; hc. C Gleave; c. H Glasgow. Individual Sweet: 1 J Haining; 2 V Stephens; 3 B Boyd; vhc. D Retson; hc. M Cullen; c A Ewing. Tablet: 1 E Clymont, Balfron; 2 E McCaig; 3 R Brown; vhc. V Stephens. Rum Truffles: 1 R Brown; 2 M Ronald; 3 A McQueen; vhc. B Boyd; hc. M Sparkes. 3 Fingers Traybake: 1 M Bain; 2 H Glasgow; 3 M Ronald; vhc. G Farquarson; hc. P Scott; c. E McEwan. Section C - Floral Decoration: Foliage Arrangement: 1 J Kirkland; 2 B Boyd; 3 V Stephens; vhc. P Gilroy. Arrangement in Wine Glass: 1 J Kirkland; 2 V Stephens; 3 B Boyd; vhc. P Gilroy; hc. C Ferguson; c. C Mair. Arrangement in Basket: 1 V Stephens; 2 J Milan, Croftamie; 3 B Boyd; vhc. C Ferguson; hc. J Kirkland; c. P Gilroy. Miniature Arrangement: 1 V Stephen; 2 J Kirkland; 3 M Callan; vhc. P Gilroy; hc. M Munro, Croftamie; c. C Mair. Section D - Handcrafts: Ladies Fashion Knit: 1 J Kirkland; 2 H Glasgow; 3 R Brown; vhc. M Mason, Drymen; hc. D Retson; c. E Hay, Drymen. Socks: 1 P Strong, Croftamie; 2 R Brown; 3 M Mason; vhc. E Hay. Child’s Picture Jumper: 1 R Brown; 2 M King, Balfron; 3 E Hay; vhc. B Boyd. Adult’s Mitts: 1 D Retson; 2 E Hay; 3 J Kirkland; vhc. H Glasgow; hc. M King; c. C Mair. Pram Cover: 1 R Brown; 2 M Mason; 3 J Kirkland; vhc. D Mayes, Drymen; hc. E Hay. Baby Cardigan: 1 M Bain; 2 D Retson; 3 H Glasgow; vhc. M Mason; hc. E Hay; c. P Gilroy. Pin Cushion: 1 C Bilsland, Croftamie; 2 E Hay; 3 M Mason; vhc. P Gilroy; hc. J Kirkland; c. B Boyd. Door Stop: 1 E Hay; 2 G Munro; 3 M Mason; vhc. P Gilroy; hc. M Munro; c. B Boyd. Winter Scene Photo: 1 M Bain; 2 M Munro; 3 M Sparkes; vhc. C Gleave; hc. V Stephens; c. M Ronald. Article in Blackwork:1 M MacDonald, Croftamie; 2 M Mason; 3 E Hay; vhc. B Boyd; hc. C Bentley, Buchlyvie. Picture any craft: 1 E Hay; 2 C Bentley; 3 R Doyle; vhc. B Boyd; hc. P Gilroy; c. M Bain. Article in Patchwork: 1 M Munro; 2 A Gray, Balfron; 3 R Brown; vhc. J Dymond; hc. M Mason. Article in Cross Stitch:1 D Retson; 2 B Boyd; 3 E Hay; vhc. R Brown; hc. M Bain; c. M Mason. Article in Crochet: 1 A Garey, Balfron; 2 D Retson; 3 M Mason. Painted Picture: 1 M Sparkes. 3 Gift Cards:1 M Mason; 2 C Bentley; 3 R Brown; vhc. E Hay; hc. A Hughes; c. B Boyd.

Alpacas Competition: In the very pleasant setting of Ballochruin Farm, this year’s Scottish National Alpaca Show was held in glorious sunshine. Almost 50 alpacas from across Scotland came before renowned alpaca judge Ms Liz Barlow of Buckinghamshire. The show was run under British Alpaca Society rules; alpacas are judged 40 per cent on their conformation and 60 per cent on their fleece. These include the fineness and the amount of fleece, and the evenness of the fleece, including its colour. Softness is also very important as this translates directly into the luxurious feel of alpaca garments. The classes are spilt by age, colour and gender of the alpacas. Champions are awarded in each colour category chosen from the winners of each class. The Supreme Champion is chosen from colour champions. Further trophies were awarded at the Show to the Best Scottish Alpaca – the Cairndinnis Quaich – and the best home-bred coloured alpaca – the Jannie Small Cup. This cup has been presented by Alpaca Farmers of Scotland in memory of founding member Janet Small. Janet was the convenor of the alpaca section a Drymen Show and was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic alpaca breeder. Ms Barlow said: “I was honoured to be invited to judge at Drymen Show for the second time and have again been impressed by the quality of the alpacas on show and by the friendliness and professionalism of the organisers and exhibitors”.

The main winners were as follows: Best Fawn Alpaca: Campsie Target from Campsie Camelids, Stirlingshire, Best White Alpaca: Highland Karlis, owned by Mr & Mrs I Schneider, Highland Alpacas, Aberdeenshire, Best Brown Alpaca: Campsie Salsa, owned by Mrs M Miller, Netherfield Alpacas, South Lanarkshire, The Cairndinnis Quaich Winner: Gilmour Bank Halle, owned by Mr & Mrs B Woods, Dumfriesshire. The Jannie Small Cup and Supreme Champion Winner: Campsie Targe.

Trophy gifted by the family of the late Mr Hugh Boyle. Winner: St Joseph’s B. Runner-up: Drymen Primary’s A. Semi – finals: Drymen Primary School A V Strathendrick P6’s B. Strathendrick P7’s A V St Joseph’s B. Teams which took part in competition. Drymen Primary School A, Drymen Primary School B, Strathendrick P7’s A, Strathendrick P7’s B, Strathendrick P6’s A, Strathendrick P6’s B, Buchanan Primary School, St Joseph’s A, St Joseph’s B, St Joseph’s C.