Tesco: we’re NOT backing down on Milngavie plans

TESCO moved this week to quash rumours that it had scrapped plans for a monster Extra store in Milngavie.

Word spread through the town and on social media sites that the multinational was preparing to scale down its ambitions for its Gavin’s Mill site.

However, the company said that a revised planning application is still in the offing.

A spokesman said: “A decision not to submit an application has not been made. We are reviewing designs based on consultation with Architecture and Design Scotland and will keep the local community updated. In the meantime, we continue to serve customers from our popular store.”

Tesco’s plans have been bitterly fought over since they were first unveailed in 2008.

East Dunbartonshire Council knocked its first proposal back - but Tesco refused to give in, indicating it was preparing to re-submit plans of a similar size.