Tesco bosses ‘are just not listening’

MP Jo Swinson is urging Tesco to make a New Year’s resolution to ‘stop ignoring’ the community.

She spoke out against Tesco’s refusal to review its plans for a massive new store in Milngavie.

On top of this she says her requests for meetings over the past several months have been ignored.

The East Dunbartonshire MP claims that after an initial meeting in July with Milngavie Community Council, Tesco Milngavie has failed to respond to a number of requests for a follow-up.

Also, when Ms Swinson requested to meet with Tesco’s newly appointed Milngavie ‘community champion’, she was told they no longer employ one.

She said: “Tesco spent months procrastinating and finally responded to say it no longer has a community champion. Two-way communication with Tesco has become virtually non-existent. Over the past few months they have chosen to ignore or respond very slowly to requests for meetings and information.

“Tesco seem to have no sense of urgency and their refusal to engage with local people will only lead to greater resentment towards their plans.

“By failing to keep a community champion, Tesco has left locals without a communication channel at a crucial time.”

Tesco’s Community Champions initiative enables a member of staff to spend up to 18 hours a week getting involved with local issues.

A local trader and member of Milngavie Traders Association said: “Tesco have been unable or unwilling to answer the simplest of questions, even about such straightforward issues as the height of the proposed building.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’ve had great discussions with local groups and continue to meet with them to get their thoughts about our plans for Milngavie. These meetings have been particularly helpful in allowing us to explain how our plans have developed.

“We’ll continue with a programme of meetings in the new year.”