Temporary bus stop safety fear

BALFRON residents are urging Stirling Council to solve a potentially dangerous problem in the village after a bus stop was moved from outside the Co-Op to the entrance of its car park.

It was necessary to move the bus stop while a pedestrian crossing is installed across the road, however its new location has meant that drivers have been unable to see traffic on the road as they exit the car park because buses obstruct their view.

A spokesperson for Balfron Community Council, said: “Following a meeting to discuss a more permanent arrangement, we have requested that Stirling Council develop some options for the re-organisation of the car park access and egress which would solve the current potentially dangerous conflict between stationary buses and cars using the car park.

“Stirling Council has produced an initial proposal for the removal of the existing way out adjacent to the Coachhouse with the suggestion that cars would in future exit opposite the fire station. The proposals also include new street lighting within the car park. A copy of the plan can be found in the library.

“We would like some feedback on the proposals from residents - please let us know what you think.”