Tam’s tribute to those Celtic Lions

Tam Craven.
Tam Craven.

It doesn’t take much to persuade local poet Tam Craven to create new examples of his inimitable verse – but he reckons his latest effort is, like his favourite team, in a league of its own.

“I should really have waited until 2017 to publish my book The Lisbon Lions,” he says – reflecting on the Celts’ annum mirabilis in 1967 – “but I just couldn’t wait that long.”

Even the first few words on the book’s front cover give a hefty clue to the author’s adoration of the Hoops: “Caress Every Love That I Cherish

And take me back to nineteen sixty seven

For that was the year that Glasgow Celtic

“Took all of its fans up to Heaven”

The book is crammed, as you would expect, with pictures galore from the glory year, all garnished with rhymes about the individual heroes and what they achieved.

For some reason there are exactly 67 verses in the book, which can be obtained from Tam directly at his weekend stall in Glasgow’s Candleriggs market (Saturday and Sunday) priced (funnily enough) at £19.67.

Or you can email tam at tamcraven@yahoo.co.uk or visit his website at www.insideasnowdrop.com