Take a walk with us . . .


THIS week’s walk is described by Callum Christie, director of Spanish walking holiday company Frontier Holidays, who also runs the local tourist information centre in Milngavie.

THE Allander Walkway goes from Milngavie to Dobbies Garden Centre and back.

It is an easy, three and a half mile walk which should take about two and a half hours at a nice leisurely pace.

It is an outing that follows the water course along a flat section of Milngavie.

However, with the recent rain it will be best done in a pair of wellies or walking boots because of the odd small muddy section.

Start at the West Highland Way Obelisk and follow the signs for the Allander Way. Follow the river downstream, past the fish ladder - keep a keen eye out for leaping salmon and sea trout who will be returning from the oceans about now to make the epic return journey to lay their eggs.

Continue downstream round the supermarket and through Lennox Park, following signs for the ‘Allander Way’.

As you emerge on Keystone Avenue, turn left downhill to Glasgow Road, and left again, under the railway bridge to the pedestrian crossing.

Take a moment to look over the bridge at the Allander river below, and see if you can spot the elusive dipper bird.

The Allander way symbol is a grey heron, sometimes to be seen standing stock still by the water as it patiently awaits its prey.

Cross the road, go through the swing gate opposite and pick up the riverside path.

You’ll realise you’ve left the town behind, but it’s an eyeopener to realise just how man’s presence follows you.

It’s astonishing to see the amount of plastic bags, shopping trollies and the rest, all snagged along the margins of the water course, and makes you think just how much more must get swept out to sea!

Follow the riverside path for about 40 minutes, crossing the water a couple of times and noting the memorial to a bomb disposal expert who died during the Falklands War - The Prescott bridge (pictured left) was built by the Royal Engineers.

The surrounding trees and riverside vegetation are full of songbirds; blackbirds, robins great tits and the shy wren, to name a few.

The farm fields that border the river on either side are lying fallow at this time but still have enough rich pickings, with grain and ground worms to prove interesting to rooks, crows, and seagulls.

The path rises to cross a pipe main and here look for the gate on your right taking you on a path away from the river a short distance to the Boclair Road.

Cross with great care into the entrance of the garden centre.

If you’re thirsty or hungry, you’re spoilt for choice between The Tickled Trout pub or the coffee shop and restaurant in Dobbies.

In the outdoor space behind the garden centre look for the interpretation board for the Antonine Wall, that once ran through here.

Retrace steps back to Milngavie.