Take a pleasant historic walk from Gartmore House

This circular walk of four miles starts at the magnificent 18th century Gartmore House (pictured) in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

It was built in 1793 by William Adam for the Graham Family and since 2000 it has been established as Gartmore House Trust with charitable status. It is used as a centre for residential conferences and activity holidays.

From the House the walk turns left at the crossing onto the driveway to the north and Gartmore, passes by the outbuildings, “The Mews”, and at the white house turns right onto a gravel track to pass through a wood and exit at “Crinigart Lodge” onto Gartmore Road. It turns right (take care of traffic) and after passing farm sheds it enters a vehicle track on the left signed, “Lemahamish” and into Loch Ard Forest.

At the track junction and vehicle turning point, look out for the narrow path ahead into a wood. The path twists and turns and at the fork it is best to take the path on the right which continues through the wood and descends a set of steps into an open field with caravans. Taking the left path at the fork shortens the walk but involves crossing a stream over large stones which can be a problem if the stream is high.

In the campsite, the walk turns left and at the “cycle” sign it turns right along the riverside and exits the Campsite onto an open green field beside the Lemahamish Pool, part of the flowing River Forth. There is an option here to take the forest track or the preference is to continue along the river path, it being more interesting, (take care as there are awkward tree roots), and loop round onto the forest track.

Turning right and after a short distance, the walk leaves the track and turns right onto a new path between fields which crosses a hump wooden bridge over the Forth and onto the Aberfoyle – Gartmore N7 cycle path. It turns right, proceeds along this straight tarmac path to the Gartmore Road junction and turns right to pass the sign “Gartmore via Barbadoes 4” on the left.

Pause on crossing the narrow road bridge over the downstream Forth, and view on one side, the Campsite, and the above path entry point, and on the other, the high structured A81 Glasgow stone bridge.

After the crossing and with the entrance to the Campsite on the right, the walk turns left and passes the “Riverside” cottage on the left before turning right onto the busy A81 Glasgow Road. Take care and best to walk on the grass verge for a short distance before turning right through the gates into the driveway to Gartmore House.

This is a lovely driveway to walk along and passes the house on the left with its small boat pond and island summer house. Looking round there are picturesque views of the surrounding Menteith Hills and the Carse of Stirling, before it passes the walled garden, which, presumably at one time, would be filled with vegetables and fruit trees and returns back to the House.

Finally, on passing the House, there are some picnic tables to relax in and take in the splendour of its location.