Tackling the aliens on Barloch Moor

Barloch Moor
Barloch Moor

A call to arms has been answered by 10 hardy volunteers who repelled an alien invasion on Barloch Moor on Saturday.

The aliens in question are Himalayan Balsam plants which have been targeted by Mugdock Park Rangers.

According to park ranger Alan McBride, who has been a Ranger for the past 15 years, the work seems to be paying off now.

He said: “I was not on Barloch myself on Saturday but my colleague Maggie was up there with 10 volunteers and they managed to get a lot done.

“Much of the work is quite labour intensive and we are very grateful to all those who turned up on the day.”

One of the main factors which has helped Himalayan Balsam, and other invasive plants like Japanese Knot weed, spread over the area has been gardeners clearing the weeds from their gardens and not disposing of them properly.

Mr McBride said: “We would urge gardeners to use their garden waste bins. These are picked up by the council and taken away to be incinerated.”

Milngavie In Bloom is also involved in the clearing of the invasive species and collaborates with the rangers over the areas that have problems.