Sylvia’s book for her mum

Sylvia Harries
Sylvia Harries

AS a young mum without much money Sylvia Harries was grateful to her mum for sending her £10 every now and then to help her out.

The Milngavie mum of three fondly remembers receiving a card from her mother occasionally with the cash gift in it and a note saying ‘buy yourself a chicken’.

Sylvia (57) from Dunellan Road, Milngavie, said: “That was a lot of money back then and it was great. Being able to buy a chicken was a real luxury for the family.

“I had two young children and we were struggling to make ends meet.”


She has now used the phrase ‘buy yourself a chicken’ as the title of her latest collection of poems dedicated to her mum who passed away last year.

The poetry, published by Publish America, is filled with happy and sad memories, stories and anecdotes about her family members.

Her first book of poems “Poems for My Dad” was published about five years ago. He also sadly died earlier this year.

Sylvia has always written poetry and when her dad was at sea with the Merchant Navy she sent poems to him because she missed him so much. Unknown to her, he kept them all and gave them to her when she was older.

She said: “I’m delighted to have had another book published and I hope people will like it as much as my first collection of poems. Dad died in April but he knew that I had another book in the pipeline.”

Sylvia has her own website and would be delighted to hear from anyone with any comments about her new book. It is available from main book internet sites including Tesco, Amazon, WH Smith and Barnes and Noble.