Supported jobs scheme boosts prospects for disabled

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn.
Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn.

Disabled people and others facing problems gaining work stand to benefit from newly-devolved employment support in East Dunbartonshire.

It is one of the areas in the “west” contract area of the scheme, and aims to help “supported” businesses create new work opportunities.

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn said: “The Scottish Government is committed to delivering employment support services that meet the needs of all unemployed Scots – including disabled people.

“That is why we are using both our devolved employability powers and controls over procurement to support this aim.

“By opting for one of these contract areas to be reserved exclusively for supported businesses, where at least 30 per cent of employees are disabled or face disadvantages, we are taking an innovative approach to procurement.”

He added: “It’s important that we also show that supported businesses are very much more than a number of factory based businesses.

“Changes to how we define supported businesses means that many more organisations fit that definition and we hope to see bids from any of those who have the expertise and experience of delivering successful employment support to unemployed people.

“This is another demonstration of the delivery of a distinctly Scottish approach to devolved employment services – one which takes account of the needs of customers in Scotland and put us on track to ensure our programmes are person-centred and focus on skills and support needs rather than the benefits individuals receive.